Noor Lyon came to us in the early morning hours of October 20. Motherhood is crazy. It's heart stopping, breathtakingly gorgeous, and all consuming. Some believe that it also marks the beginning of the end of a woman's femininity and sensuality. 

But before Noor, it was him. It's been six intensely, immensely, incomprehensibly beautiful years that I've been in love with my husband, J. You'll see him here on occasion. I am irrevocably his. Since we met, my life was cut into two halves. Life before him, and life after him.

Before we are mothers, we are wives; Lovers, women. In this house, being busy and doing it all is not glorified. My hair is still long. Style is still my greatest form of expression. His kisses are deep. Food is joyous and eaten slowly and with intention, and the world is still for us to travel. 

Home is usually Washington DC. Sometimes, it's Paris. Sometimes, it's New York. Long story really- just go with it.